Thursday, April 24, 2014

Live to Fight Another Day

When you're young and in school there are few things that dissuade us from the utopia of our future. Nobody tells us that after decades of service we can be left outside in the cold without a net. You realize that after years of faithful servitude to your employer you are nothing but a number that detracts from the bottom line.

I have spent 14 years working for a master who uses the changing tides of a weather vane for guidance in the fate of men. Too many times over the years I have survived the blood letting of organisational changes in management. They paint the walls in blood of hard working men and women who have devoted their waking hours to the advancement of the bottom line.

But when you stand in witness to the deeds of others whose only purpose is to make more money on the backs of others it gives you pause. Makes you reevaluate your own moral conundrum. Too many good men have been sacrificed because of economic well being. There have been many times when I have wanted to leap off the merry go round and into the sweet oblivion of the unknown. To make my way in a world without borders and free of men who come dressed in smart suits whose allegiance are to others.

How many times in our history have we left our fate to others? For me it has always been to many times. The human relations people who guard the doors of big money at the expense of our Constitutional freedoms have never had the interest of their fellow man.

There is a reason why you both fear and loath those whose jobs are to see the company move forward. It is because they are not part of us. Their paycheck like their masters are earned on the blood and sweat of those who toil in anonymity.

While I am both too young and without the experience of living hour to hour in hostile worlds. I understand the actions of those who take it upon themselves to rid this mortal coil of an unseen enemy who take the lives of our brethren without remorse or the benediction given at the alter.

There is in me the belief there will come a time when the backs of blue collar workers will have suffered enough and rise up to smite those who sit in judgment of our futures. I understand the desire to weep at the fallen and to seek justice for those who now stand in the bread lines. It is a hard thing to give so much of yourself to a company who views your contribution as a necessity for their well being.

As a man I was raised to stand up to tyranny and to smite those who would exercise their will on others. But when you have a family there lives in you an impotence to do what is right for your wife and kids. To stand in witness to the needless slaughter of so many people whose only crime is to reside on a list is insulting. It is now more than ever that I wish the power to undo so much harm would rest in my hands. Damn those cast aside others who have given so much but lose much more when HR comes a calling.

Today I mourn the loss of those who yesterday worked beside me. I call out to the gods for retribution and wish upon those who wreak so much destruction the reckoning of sleepless nights and destructive bowel movements.

Pray not for mercy but for solace and peace in the burning chest of those who no longer have a paycheck. Let them find good paying jobs to feed the empty bellies of their offspring and see to the needs of their families. Hope may spring eternal for those in splendor but agony rests in the bosom of those left behind.

I loath days like this. Because I am forced to realize I am nothing more than a puppet on a string. At the same time I rejoice my life is still whole. The hard decisions others are facing is not my cross to bear. I have to wonder how many times can I win the lottery? What is the number of years I can serve without having to extend myself to other options?

As a road warrior my life is a gamble my fate rests in the hands of the unknown. My mission is to make the flight and to enjoy the company of my wife and kids. I subjugate my needs and desires to keeping the those who hold my leash happy and sated with my accomplishments. It was not the dreams who gave so much many decades ago for our people to live in constant fear of joblessness and uncertainty.

The world we live in today is controlled by unseen masters who decide our fate by nothing more than a roll of the dice. As a people what are we to do? Many times I have seen talking heads on TV pontificate on the open market and the fairness of competition. But never does anyone talk about those whose lives have self destructed by the gargoyles who sit in ivory towers.

But on this day like so many others I will carry forth and live to fight another day.