Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break

As I drive around Arkansas I have noticed a hint of spring in the air. Little buds are starting to sprout at the end of branches. The air smells different and where brown covers the ground a hint of green has started to appear.

The best thing about spring is not only the change in colors but the signaling of a new season fast approaching. The winter chill hanging around has started to give way to warmer air.

It gives you the feeling of a phoenix rising from the ashes of a frozen tundra. People in general seem to be more upbeat. Friendly and less dower.

There is an expectation of good things just around the corner. You feel lighter and happier. The sky has a blueness to it that seems dampened during the winter months. A heaviness that just permeates everything and everyone.

Maybe its because of the bundled clothing. Your closed off and separated from your surroundings. Unwilling to allow yourself to feel connected to anyone or anything. Or maybe its because during the winter months the cold keeps us locked away.

I know for me the spring and summer months are when I feel the most alive and open and ready for new things.

When the thermometer starts getting above 70 the windows come down in the car. The tunes get turned up. A smile comes more easily.

Ah Spring looking forward to just having a break from the winter blues. Mow the grass water the lawn and just send some quality time with my kids and the wife.

Kinda short today but its late and I'm tired.

Starting to work nights now which means I will be missing the great sunshine of spring. It's the downside of what I do. giving up the day time in order to earn a living at night. The graveyard or vampire hours are the worst.

You spend days in bed sleeping and your u all night working. Its great for getting the week to fly by but not so much if your at home.

Also this week my Bluetooth antenna died on my phone this week. Nothing makes you feel more stupid than when your dealing with a smart phone. Also its a sad state when I have to get a new replacement phone and then spend a large amount of time getting it back up and working .

Ugh I'm tired and been up all night. Try this again later.

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