Friday, April 24, 2015

Guns Sequester and War

When it comes to guns there are it seems 3 different arguments. One is You can't have my guns. Two is taking all of the guns away and the third is more of a metaphor postulating off of the first which is knives, cars and booze kill people so should we outlaw those as well?

I argue that all three of them are loose, loose loose. Because all 3 arguments are long held beliefs that have become so intractable as to nullify any reasonable discussion before it takes place.

When Sandy Hook happened, I thought at the time was it was long overdue for a national discussion on the senseless violence committed by deranged madmen.

What happened instead was all three common arguments ground the discussion to a halt.

There is a movement by the left to curtail the sale and distribution of large capacity magazines. Plus a federal wait time and background check on all gun sales. Both public and private. The problem is, while well meaning, will probably not stop by and large the mass killings that take place on what seems like a weekly basis.

Taking firearms is not going to do anything other than to make law abiding citizens criminals. Plus it will do nothing other than to fracture America even more than it does now.

Now, after careful thought and a little light reading and watching all 3 news networks I would propose this.

By far the mass killers today are white males who have become isolated and disfranchised. And arguably mentally ill. Because lets face it anyone who decides to take an arsenal into a crowded area and start mowing down bodies probably doesn't have the best grip on reality.

That said here in America, we have national campaigns for ED, smoking, cancer, click or ticket, 55 saves lives and the newest buzz word campaign bullying. But nowhere do we have a national campaign for reaching to those white males who need help with reality.

Better said is this. How much more effective would it be for the NRA and the government to come out together and hammer home on TV and print ads taking up of arms and mowing down your neighbors or coworkers is never a good idea and for that matter neither is an option in the first place.

How many mass shootings would be carried out if these 2 powerful bully pulpits were to come together and agree to enter a national campaign about talking to those white males about ceasing the mass violence they think will both serve their personal interests and carve out their names in a national spotlight and a footnote in the history books.

What if the media were convinced to not give them any coverage. How about we not cover it for days and months on end? Instead it gets a simple 15 second blurb and then moving on?? How detered would these would be gunman be if they knew their names would never see the light of day on a scrolling ticker or their names plastered all over the evening news.

Maybe it doesn't stop any but maybe it stops more than a few if we start looking after ourselves and stop hoping the government will save us.

I heard this on a podcast the other day I've never heard of or thought of before.

Adam Carolla is now the owner of some guns that were given to him by his father in law. He had a good point which is this. We hear all the time of the kid sneaking into his house only to be gunned down by accident or the spouse or kids who get shot by accident.

So the first 2 rounds in both his shotgun and 9mm pistol are non-lethal rounds. His theory is this. The life altering rounds are just a pump or a trigger pull away. So hopefully when his kids are sneaking in or the maid comes early nobody gets killed by accident. And maybe even the wayward junkie gets scared away instead of getting killed. Something to think about.

Sequester, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling. 3 ways to say what we have representing us is both defunct and horribly broken beyond all repair. We have now reached a point in time where no matter what each side of the aisle says the other is going to take issue with it.

If the President says the sky is blue the GOP is going to counter with its gray skies and raining. There is no doubt a financial issue we must face and fix. However, those in charge have grown so far apart that any hope of a reasonable compromise is not ever going to be an option for the next 4 years. In a word, we are Fucked.

Obamacare is 20,000 pages and nobody really knows what's in it. But there is a general agreement we are all going to pay a lot more for what those of already have and give more for those who have less.

The President has not submitted a budget ever and the Senate by law is supposed to do one and has not done so in the last 4 years.

The Congress has submit one but the Senate won't vote on it. Here's what I say if the President won't submit one, then its up to the Congress and the Senate to work one out and they submit it for approval.

Why is it the people we elect seem to have no sense of responsibility? Why is it they think their job is to work on getting reelected instead of governing??  This is one of those things that the more you ponder the more irritated you get.

I do know this I blame a large part on the Tea Party. 86 members who effectively hold the government hostage. I wonder if any of them with all of their education remember the part where the Fathers compromised over every detail of the newly formed government? Maybe part of our vetting process should be to get them to take a history course on how we were founded in the first place.

Finally, North Korea has decided that the treaty signed eons ago is no longer valid and they have plans on nuking the west coast.

How come this is not a leading story?? Why are we given air time to stories like the that broad in AZ or the boys in OH. They are not national stories.

Maybe one of the first things we need to do is overhaul the 4th estate. I so don't care about celebrities in the news or local stories that capture the national spotlight. On a slow news day how about we concentrate on the real issues we face and leave the bullshit stories to local fluff anchors.

It's no wonder the rest of the world laughs at us for the way we conduct ourselves. I know there is a conclave going on but does this really meet the standard of news?? When I got up this morning all of the news outlets had pictures or rather live feeds from Rome. Their cameras focused squarely on a smoke stack.

I know there are 1.2 Billion Catholics in the world, but I'm pretty sure a live feed of a smoke stack is not news.

I don't think I'm asking much just a little more careful thought into what passes for real news.

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