Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Death in The Family

Its starts as an innocent trip to the vet. You know something is wrong. You know it could be serious. But you tell yourself your pet will be fine. I mean he's been with you as a part of your family for the last 10 years.  Deep down though you suspect it could be a lot worse than just old age. The lethargy and distended belly speak volumes as to how bad it could be. But the real tip off is his attitude. You raised him since he was a puppy. Since the day he was wrapped up in a blanket to protect him from the cold he has always had a personality that was as unique as anybody I've known

Curious and energetic crossed with an intelligence and a spark of life in his eyes giving him an almost intangible human like quality. Indian Hills Judd was  more than a boxer. He was a part of the family.

But we as humans treat our puppies like people which is why we become so attached to them in the first place. They become our defacto kids, confidants, witnesses to our fallacies and our victories.  Comforting in our time of grief.

A cancerous tumor had worked its way around the main artery that feeds his heart. The vet saying it was both inoperable and so large in size that putting him down was the only real humane option he had. What led us to his office in the first place really was the distended belly.

A tumor we were to find out that had burst and as dumping blood into his belly. Because it was an anti coagulant type of tumor the bleeding would never stop.

When he went into surgery he had a 1 in 3 chance of survival. the one chance being the tumor was isolated to one location and was not cancerous. So we knew going in his odds were slim at best. But hearing the news the next day didn't make it any easier.

the hardest part was my wife and I knew was still to come. We were going to have to break the news to our kids. Which as it turned at would be harder on us than it was on them.

When we told them there comments were "at least we still have 2 dogs". Who knew in a moment of trial our little kids would be the source of strength we would be able to draw from.

R.I.P to our beloved Judd.. You will be missed dearly.  And Judd could you watch over Bogie?? We love and miss you.

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